Turkey’s steps unacceptable to European diplomacy: Ruben Safrastyan

Turkey affords steps and statements unacceptable in European diplomatic practice, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute, political scientist Ruben Safrastyan told a press conference today.

He refrained from calling the current stage in Turkey-EU relations as a period of distancing from each other, but noted some negative trends in the integration processes. “Europeans dislike many things, but do not burn bridges in the relations with Turkey,” he said.

“The European integration process, which is stalled for now, remains on the agenda,” Safrastyan added.

“This is part of Turkey’s adventurist policy. Turkey is raising the betting odds and playing a riskier game with Europe. We see Turkey has managed not to lose and even succeed in its gambles until now. This is what the calculations of policy-makers in Turkey are based on – to grab the utmost from Europe,” he said.

Ruben Safrastyan stressed that judging from history, one can assert that “Turkey does not meet the European values, the diplomatic methods, the system used in Europe.” He concluded, however, that based on geopolitical considerations, Europe leaves the door half-open to Turkey.

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