President Sargsyan meets with representatives of the Armenian communities of Europe

On the first day of teh official visit to France, President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting with representatives of the Armenian communities of Europe.

The President of Armenia made a welcoming statement in which he referred to the accomplishments made by the Republic of Armenia in 25 years after regaining independence, existing problems and challenges, a daily work aimed at Armenia’s and Artsakh’s security, the NK peace process, ongoing programs to assist Syrian Armenians, main directions of the current phase of the Armenia-Spyurk cooperation and urged to unite even more and channel efforts towards the implementation of the Pan-Armenian issues, including the creation of a freer, more fair, more secure and more advanced Armenia. “Today, the Armenia-Spyurk relations need to concentrate on the ideas and principles which unite the nation, endowing the cooperation with a new quality and substance. Our goal is clear: to build an efficient and prosperous Armenia. Only efficient and prosperous Armenia will be able to defend herself and to safeguard her brothers and sisters in Spyurk. We do not underestimate the huge works carried out until today and various programs called to life. Moreover, we address our sincere words of gratitude to our brothers and sisters who made them possible. We invite our compatriots to become immediate participants to the development of the policies for the advancement in different areas and works aimed at calling them to life.

We propose to discuss new mechanisms of cooperation. Not a single serious initiative will remain unattended. Transparent work, elimination of artificial hurdles is a matter of principle; responsibility should be shared by all parties involved.

Dear Friends,

We must try to utilize efficiently the expert potential of the Spyurk, including the capabilities of the young and professional circles, their skills, and innovative talent. Regardless of where they live, Armenians have always stood out for their diligence and talent. Our nation gave world-famous scientists, artists, physicians, inventors, and entrepreneurs. This is our greatest achievement – our immense human capital.
You, our compatriots in Spyurk, made the Armenians recognizable all over the world. The time has come to make Armenia recognizable all over the world. It is necessary to work towards making Armenia a more reputable and respected country and state.
Others may have oil, gas, and exit to the sea; you, dear compatriots, are our “sea” our “exit to the external world”. If used properly, this huge potential will allow to achieve desirable results. Empower our common Fatherland. The Spyurk is dependable and the most efficient bridge for Armenia’s integration into the world economy.

Historic injustice made the world home to many Armenians but Armenia has been and remains the hearth and native sanctuary for the Armenians of Spyurk. The Syrian tragedy and the situation with the Syrian Armenians in particular, is our common pain. But today, unlike the catastrophe which befell one hundred years ago, we have solace in what is called the Armenian state.

Let me assure you that the Fatherland is doing its best in assisting the Armenians of Syria. For us, they are not refugees but compatriots who have come back home. We make every effort so that they settle in Armenia and adjust to the existing conditions. Many of them have already given a new tint to our society and even to the business environment. Yes, it is difficult, and many of them are still waiting because the political uncertainty is still great.

From now on, we all need to become a fist and direct our efforts towards creating a new Armenia. It must be a freer, more fair, more secure and more advanced country.

Dear Colleagues,

Armenian entrepreneurs have made a considerable contribution and have a substantial weight in many branches of the global economy. At the same time, cooperation of the businessmen from Spyurk in Armenia and abroad remains insufficient. One of the key directions of the current phase of the Armenia-Spyurk cooperation is the expansion of Diaspora businessmen’s presence in the Republic of Armenia.

Utilizing their connections, the Diaspora entrepreneurs can promote the implementation of the foreign investment projects in Armenia. Equally important is the use of modern skills in the creation of business culture. It can be done primarily by the Armenian businessmen working in the developed European environment; they can bring with them the most advanced culture of doing business.

From now on investments from Spyurk should be targeted and oriented, aimed at Armenia’s industrial development and boosting other areas of the Armenian economy. Development in Armenia of the infrastructure for the knowledge-based economy is one of the critical prerequisites for the advanced economy. With this regard, the Spyurk should be the most important source of skills and knowledge which will allow to make Armenia the best place for investments and doing business in the region.

We, dear friends, have always viewed civil society as a partner and not as an adversary. We attach importance to the process of shaping the all-Armenian civil society. With the existing telecommunication technologies it has become the inescapable reality. If we want to have a freer, more fair and more democratic Armenia, than instead of demanding from each other, we need to talk to each other, and not only talk but cooperate.

Reforms going on in Armenia should be irreversible. Towards that end, we need to totally reconstruct our area of education. Important in this endeavor is also the engagement of the intellectual capabilities of the Spyurk, introduction of new knowledge and skills in the area of education ranging from consulting to teaching.
Through the joint efforts, Armenia and Diaspora can gradually implement our structural goals, refraining at the same time from disappointment and disenchantment. It is necessary to find new solutions, to unite, to become one fist, complementing and helping each other to move forward in these challenging times.

Dear Friends,

I am confident you are well-aware that soon Armenia will enter a new era, switching to the parliamentary system of state governance, which implies a new political culture, large-scale structural reforms. The decision to implement constitutional changes was necessitated by the desire and command to see our country tomorrow as a more democratic, security and prosperous country.

There can be no doubt that these reforms also imply a renewed agenda for the relations with the Spyurk. That agenda can be summarized as follows: “Mutual trust, unity, and responsibility.”

It is amazing how the Armenia nation was able to unite in dramatic situations. Why can’t we do it in peaceful times, and what impedes us to move our country forward, to make it prosperous and powerful? I don’t see any insurmountable difficulties to achieve that.

I am confident that today we have all prerequisites and preconditions to give a new impetus to our cooperation. This is our vision, this is our understanding, this is the unbreakable guarantee of our future success.

Dear Friends,

In conclusion, I once again thank you all for being here. I am confident that we are able to defeat all current challenges, our own skepticism and through the joint efforts to fight for our bright future.

Supporting each other, we can take up the task of state building and make our bright youth the immediate participant of that undertaking. We must be more courageous and goal-oriented, full of mutual respect. We have to care for our reconquered Fatherland. We have to become more powerful, to empower our cherished paradise, our Fatherland Armenia.

So, let’s act together.

Thank you,” said the President of Armenia.

In the framework of his official visit to France, President Sargsyan in the evening met also with the Executive Director of a leading French company Veolia. Veolia Jur – the Company headed by Antoine Frérot, in 2016 won the open international tender and assumed the works of water supply and sewage in 45 municipal communities of Armenia, including Yerevan, as well as in over 360 rural communities.

The parties spoke about the works carried out by the Company in the water industry in the framework of the obligations assumed by the contract, as well as about the offered services and development programs.

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