Azerbaijan takes the failed act of sabotage to the media field




Azerbaijan’s failed act of sabotage continues on the information field. Coordinator of Razminfo website, military expert Karen Vrtanesyan says Aliyev’s administration had a problem with presenting the unsuccessful action to the public.

“Even Azerbaijanis say the action was meant to distract public attention from Mehriban Aliyeva’s appointment as Vice-President,” Karen Vrtanesyan told reporters today.

Some suggest that the action was meant to give a positive impetus to Mehriban Aliyeva’s appointment, but the intention failed, bringing about even worse comments. “Aware of the impossibility of succeeding on the field of propaganda, Azerbaijan started flooding the media with videos of the April war and absurd statements and misinformation to soothe the public,” the expert said.

Expert of Azerbaijani studies Taron Khachatryan noted, in turn, that people in Azerbaijan have long stopped trusting the information disseminated by the ‘closed system’ and therefore, use the Armenian sources. This is why Razminfo started reporting news in Azerbaijani, forcing Azerbaijan to consider banning flow of information from Facebook.

Experts say that unlike Azerbaijan, open discussions on most various issues are taking place in Armenia. At the same time they urge users to be on alert, as there are groups of Azerbaijani users on social media instructed directly from the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

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