Australian lawmaker speaks about cultural genocide of Armenians – Video

Tim Wilson, who has represents Goldstein in the Australian House of Representatives – has spoken about the cultural genocide of Armenians at the Parliament, the Armenian National Committee of Australia reports.

“There was a deliberate attempt by some to not just remove Armenians, but also their memory by destroying the evidence of Armenian heritage and culture, such as artworks and architecture. In short, there was not just a human genocide, there was also a cultural genocide.

The official Armenian Genocide Centennial Website tells the stories of the cultural genocide to wipe the memory of Armenian people from the Ottoman Empire by quote “purposefully massacring Armenian clergymen, they destroyed churches, monasteries and other properties of church, including thousands of medieval handwritten manuscripts.”

 The Ottoman Empire’s aim was to erase the lives and memories of the Armenian people, and all members should be committed to ensuring such events never happen again. Of course, having a quarter Armenian heritage myself, this is a subject matter of which I take significant interest.”

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