Diaspora Armenians to observe parlaimentary electons




Diaspora Armenians will observe the parliamentary elections on April 2, thus ensuring a more active participation in the political life of the Motherland. More than 200 Diaspora Armenians have already applied for carrying out an observation mission, most observers are expected to arrive from Georgia.

After having actively reacted to the April and June events, Diaspora Armenians believe it’s high time to change the level of relationship with Armenia.

Those, who do not hold Armenian citizenship and are not eligible to vote in the elections, will participate in the electoral processes as observers.

Canadian Armenian actress Arsine Khanjyan, film director Atom Egoyan, frontman of the System Of A Down Serj Tankian have joined the initiative.

To correctly understand and interpret the processes taking place on April 2, the observers will take special training courses a few days before election day to get better understanding of the legislative and judicial fields.

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