MEPs issue statement on Constitutional Referendum in Artsakh

Members of the European Parliament Frank Engel, Eleni Theocharous and Jaromir Stetina have issued the following joint statement on the Constitutional Referendum in Artsakh. The statement reads:

On the 20th February, the people of Artsakh voted on the draft Constitution that the authorities of the Republic submitted to their consideration. The turnout of over 76% is resounding proof of the intention of Artsakh voters to take an active part in the shaping on their democracy. The vote took place after a campaign during which both camps expressed their ideas and convictions freely. Promoters and opponents of the draft Constitution confronted their positions in the parliamentary and public debate.

The people of Artsakh said yes to their new constitution, which heralds significant changes in the institutional functioning of the country.  It also clearly spells out that the Republic of Artsakh upholds and protects the rule of law and the rights and the freedoms of the people. This message, relayed by the population of Artsakh through their decisive approval of the draft constitution is particularly significant in the South Caucasus.

A people, a population, a nation who believe in their state and refine their republican institutions should not be ignored by the international community. These people, these voting citizens exist. Their existence is not affected by the absence of international recognition of their country. The people of Artsakh, a nation under constant threat of military attack by an aggressive neighbor, continue to oppose democratic vitality and maturity to the international denial of their state.

Members of the European Parliament

Frank Engel,  Eleni Theocharous, Jaromir Stetina

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