Who did this? The truth behind Azerbaijani lies about Khojalu




This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Khojalu events. In the course of the 25 years Azerbaijan has been distorting the events of February 26-28, 1992, using them for its propaganda purposes.

A new video uploaded on YouTube on February 12 comes to shed light on and disperse the Azeri lies.

It is noted in the video that Commission of the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan completed the investigation into the events in Khojalu, but  failed to reveal anything. It says all witnesses died under different circumstances, “but the accusations of military journalist Chingiz Mustafayev are still there.”

“As we know, Mustafayev has blamed and will continue to blame certain people for the tragedy,” the narrator says in the film.

Chingiz Mustafayev also features in the video. “I have one goal – to do my best to have this program reach the public. I have to tell the truth about Khojalu,” he says.

The reporter recalls the shootings at the site of the tragedy. Mustafayev was banned from the site under the excuse that the territory was under Armenian fire. However, he managed to reach there in a helicopter meant to transport the bodies.

Mustafayev filmed the scene twice. When he arrived at the place for the first time, he saw corpses on the ground, with armed people freely walking between the bodies and lugging them. They escaped, when they saw the camera.

“Definitely, they were not Armenian. Where were they taking the corpses?” the reporter asks.

When shooting the scene a day later, Mustafayev saw the corpses were mutilated. “Who has done all this in one day? I shot the scene yesterday, there was nothing of a kind here,” the journalist is heard saying in the film.

“As you see the corpses were initially not mutilated, but the second shooting was organized for the “international community.” Look what has happened to the bodies,” one can hear in a voiceover commentary. The narrator comments on the pictures of the corpses, where the same people are pictured twice; the corpses are seen mutilated in the second ones).

“Question: who did this in one day? There are many questions, but the time is short,” the narrator concludes.

Commenting on the video, Spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan said “Chingiz Mustafayev was one of the first to visit the site.

“He actually proved that the massacre had been organized by representatives of the Azerbaijani authorities, the so-called Popular Front, representatives of the Azerbaijani army who supported the Popular Front against the then President Araz Mutalibov,” David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia.

Military journalist Chingiz Mustafayev died under unknown circumstances on June 15, 1992. According to the official Azerbaijani version, he was felled by mortar fire while filming an exchange of fire between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces near the village of Nakhichevanik.

It’s clear, however, that the new authorities of Azerbaijan silenced this source of true information about the crimes against their own people. “Naturally, the Azerbaijani authorities had their plans concerning such people. Mustafayev exclusively filmed the scene a few hours after the tragedy and a few days later. The differences between the two shootings are obvious,” he said.

David Babayan reminds that Azerbaijani President Ayaz Mutalibov also confessed that the massacre had been organized by Azerbaijan within the framework of domestic political struggle. According to the Spokesman, the video should supplement the large package of documentary materials on Khojalu events “in order to reveal the Azeri lies and prevent similar inhumane crimes in the future.”

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