Belmont Film Festival showing Armenian Academy Award Winning short film

The Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston (GCFF) in partnership with WCF studios/films and under the direction of multiple award-winning Documentarian Raouf J. Jacob and award-winning Executive Producer Lara M. Moreno are committed to bringing the best of global cinematography to Boston. Their mission is to give filmmakers an opportunity to spotlight stories that deserve global attention

Their event this year which runs from March 9-12, includes more than 28 independent films, including “The Simon’s Way” on March 12 at 5:15 PM, which is being co-presented by the Armenian Museum of America.

Since 1993, the border between Armenia and Turkey is closed. The countries have no diplomatic or economic relations. But on the two sides of tightly closed borders, there are relatives living on each end who manage to communicate with each other through the power of hope. “The Simon’s Way,” which won the 2017 Armenian Film Academy Award for Best Short Film, is a story about the influence of politics on human destiny.

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