Lebanon’s Culture Minister visits Armenian Genocide Museum

Photo: The Daily Star/NNA


Lebanon’s Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury kicked off his tenure Saturday as he visited the Armenian Genocide Museum in Jbeil, calling for renewed protection of ancient cultures in the northern port city, The Daily Star reports.

“I believe that those responsible for this project are keen, more than us, on preserving the harmony between what is going to be built along this coast and the Armenian Genocide Museum,” Khoury said at the site of a planned renovation for the “Bird’s Nest” orphanage that houses the museum.

The museum’s administration and the Armenian Orthodox Church plan to renovate the orphanage into a new museum that will also host a treatment center for those with social issues in the Armenian community.

The museum is set to have pictures and artifacts from Armenian Genocide survivors.

However, due to financial difficulties the Armenian Catholicosate launched the “Diplomatic Club” mission to raise funds for the renovation. The church hopes to raise money through boosting eco-tourism in Jbeil to draw attention to the ancient culture and history of local buildings. Through this project, the church hopes to build a traditional Armenian Church and renovate the Denmark Hall, which would employ around 150 local residents, a statement from the event read.

Accompanying Khoury at the event were former Minister Jean-Louis Kordahi, Jbeil Mayor Ziad Hawwat and a number of religious and local figures.

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