Armenia’s Ombudsman to present report on Azeri assaults to European structures




The Armenian Human Rights Defender’s Office has carried out a fact-finding mission to reveal the circumstances of the infringement attempt by Azeri troops at the Armenian state border, near the village of Chinarion December 29, 2016.

Presenting the findings to reporters today, Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan said the attack, which left three Armenian servicemen killed, was carried out under the conditions of no threat to the Azeri side on the part of Armenian forces.

The Ombudsman said there are no military units or any other military objects on the territory of the settlement, which comes to prove that the peaceful population was targeted in the attack.

He said the attacks continued in January, and added that the kindergarten and the school of Chinari were targeted on January 3.

The Ombudsman’s report also refers to the firing in the January 13 firing in the direction of the Voskepar-Baghanis highway.

Arman Tatoyan will visit Strasburg and Brussels next week and will present the report to high-ranking officials from the Council of Europe and other international structures.

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