Armenian side responds to targeted shooting only, Defense Minister says




The situation has been relatively calm at the borders of Armenia and Artsakh during the holidays, Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan has said. This does not mean, however, there have been no ceasefire violations.

“There has been sporadic shooting,” the Defense Minister told reporters, adding that the “Armenian side responds only to targeted shooting and only if there is a need to hit a target.”

Vigen Sargsyan noted, however, that “any ceasefire violation is a violation of the commitment to respect the truce and should be followed by an adequate political response.”

Speaking about the replenishment of equipment at the border and the prevention of infringement attempts, the Defense Minister said: “There is no technology that can prevent the infiltration attempts, but the replenishment at the border is an ongoing process, and the better we are equipped, the less the chances of infringement.”

The Defense Minister spoke to reporters at a ceremony of seeing off the conscripts to military service.

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