37 Syrian Armenians have moved to Armenia with support from IDeA Foundation

Thirty-seven Syrian Armenians have moved from Aleppo to Armenia with the support of the IDeA Foundation’s “Support for Syrian Armenians” initiative.

Another 18 people have applied to the “Aleppo” compatriotic union with a request to move to Armenia.

On October 15 the IDeA Foundation announced a $250 000 contribution to Syrian Armenians. The sum will be allocated through the strategic partner AGBU that has been involved in relief efforts from early days of the conflict and other non-governmental organizations who currently implement Syrian Armenian support projects in Armenia – RepatArmenia, Mission Armenia, Aleppo NGO, and the funds will be aimed at planning and implementing the following:

– aid to those who continue to remain in Syria

– aid to those who seek temporary refuge outside Syrian borders

– aid to those who have decided to relocate to Armenia

– aid to those who want to work and live in Armenia

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