Talish: The wounds of war still fresh, but reconstruction underway




The village of Talish in Artsakh’s Martakert region was one of the hot spots of the April war. The population here counted 500, but only a dozen live here today and try to restore the native village.

Nine months after the military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan the traces of war are still fresh in Talish, but for two weeks now the silence here has been interrupted by the noise of construction works, not the shots of the rival.

Head of Talish village Vilen Petrosyan says the resettlement process will start after the winter. It has been decided not to recover the districts targeted by the Azeri forces. A new school will be built in the center of the village.

There are currently 12 men living in Talish. They say their families will return from neighboring Alashan after the reconstruction works are completed.

“There is no need to persuade the residents to return to the village,” Vilen Petrosyan says. According to him, favorable conditions will be created for all families willing to return.”

Shots from the Azerbaijani side could be heard all through the conversation with Vilen Petrosyan. “It’s a common thing,” he says and adds that “the shooting has always been there, but I don’t think it has frightened or dissapoiunted anyone here.”

According to Vilen Khachatryan “the priority now is to return the village to its former glory.”

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