Syrian troops reportedly establish full control over eastern Aleppo

Photo: AFP/Getty Images


Rebels have now lost more than 90% of the territory they once held in eastern Aleppo since government forces stepped up their offensive to regain full control of the city a month ago, the BBC reports.

Earlier on Monday, Lt Gen Zaid al-Saleh, head of the Syrian government’s local security committee, said rebel fighters did not “have much time” and needed to “surrender or die”.

Syrian state TV showed footage of people in Aleppo celebrating, amid reports the army was close to victory.

Syrian troops and militias have squeezed armed groups out of their last stronghold in Al-Firdous neighborhood and established full control over eastern Aleppo, Libankol news agency reports, saying people have rejoiced over the news.

It says crowds of people took to the streets in the west of the city to welcome the Syrian army.

For much of the past four years the city has been divided roughly in two, with the government controlling the western half and rebels the east.

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