Upper Mosque in Shushi to be reconstructed

Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Artsakh authorities take responsibility for all monuments on the territory of the republic irrespective of their religious status. The plans to renovate the Upper Mosque in Shushi (built in 1883) come to prove the commitment.

The NKR Ministry of Economy and the Iranian Part Saman Jahan Company have signed the protocol on cost estimation of reconstruction works.

The Foundation for the Revival of Oriental Historical Legacy has undertaken to find funds for the renovation.

The Part Saman Jahan has already conducted research on the history of Shushi and the mosque itself, Director of the Company Saeid Nahavandi said. “We are far from politics and have approached the issue exceptionally from the professional perspective,” he said.

According to NKR Deputy Minister of Economy Sergey Shahverdyan, It’s not yet clear whether the monument will serve as a mosque or will be rebuilt as a museum.

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