Talish residents opt for return to Artsakh





Living in Talish will be as safe as in Mataghis or Martakert, authorities of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic assure. Some residents of the village that was abandoned after the April war, have now returned to their home. The authorities pledge to create conditions for the villagers to return to Talish and stay there.

The NKR leadership has invited architects from Armenia and Diaspora to participate in reconstruction works. Secretary of the NKR Security Service Vitaly Balasanyan, who keeps the reconstruction works in the spotlight, says today’s modernized defense systems allow to ensure the security of all borderline settlements, including Talish.

The power supply has been fully restored, the water supply system will start working in the coming days. The road to the village is being reconstructed. Vitaly Balasanyan says residents of Talish will enjoy tax and energy benefits.

Speaking to Public Radio of Armenia, Spokesman for the NKR Prime Minister Artak Beglaryan said it’s hard to estimate the number of Talish residents still living in Armenia. “The numbers change, because more and more families opt for return to Artsakh,” he said.

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