President congratulated the AGBU on the occasion of its 110th anniversary

In the evening of December 4, President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the gala-dinner organized on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the Armenian General Benevolent Union which took place at the Tigran Mets Hall of Armenia Marriott Hotel. The President of Armenia made a statement and addressed words of gratitude to the members of the AGBU and all participants of the event.

“Commencing its activities at the beginning of the previous century, the Armenian General Benevolent Union through its 150 local bodies for 110 years has been, and I am sure will be carrying out its indispensable activities. It would be redundant of me to name one by one all programs of the Union and the works it has accomplished. The “indispensable” I believe is the word which characterizes precisely the work of a group of people which they were able to accomplish just in time, finding the only proper way which contributed to the preservation of the Armenian nation as well as to the independent Armenia and the physical existence of the Armenian nation in general.

What makes the AGBU different from all other structures? I believe first of all it is the people – members of the Central Board, or just regular members – benefactors, who have never had any expectation and moved forward true to very simple rules of benevolence: they never expected that someone would ever thank them for their charity and never intended to use charity for their personal ends. They have never looked for any reason, any cause to limit their work which has been vital for us. They have never had any problem with any of the authorities, and it is a very important factor,” said President Sargsyan in his remarks.

Serzh Sargsyan underscored that the Armenian General Benevolent Union is a dedicated benefactor, and that with this very approach the Union implements its programs aimed at the development of Armenia and the Armenian nation. The President wished the AGBU the abundance of donors, generosity, and scores of members. The President of Armenia expressed wish that the Armenian General Benevolent Union always be necessary and always be able to fulfill its mission.

President Sargsyan spoke also about the tasks before the AGBU and noted that he would love to see the Armenian General Benevolent Union much more Armenia-centered which will benefit the Union and all its beneficiaries alike. President Sargsyan also expressed desire for the Union to keep the bulk of its funds in Armenia, which has a stable financial structure since it will allow to increase the volume of charity. “I wish that our wishes are coherent. I wish that after working hours we dispute about the development possibilities. I wish that we all, regardless of being President, officials, entrepreneurs or donors, we all believe that it is our service, it is our thanks and gratitude to our nation which created us,” said President Sargsyan and wished the AGBU to celebrate gloriously its 200th anniversary and the subsequent jubilees.

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