Glendale educators receiving training to better teach students about the Armenian Genocide

Photo: Raul Roa/Glendale News-Press


Glendale News-Press – Glendale educators will undergo additional training in order to better instruct students about the Armenian Genocide and other atrocities as part of the school district’s focus on genocide education.

In Glendale schools, students currently learn about genocide in their history classes in the seventh and 10th grades.

As part of an upcoming two-day workshop in January, school officials will bring genocide experts to work with about 25 teachers of history or literature courses.

The training will largely focus on the Ottoman Turks’ massacre of 1.5 million Armenians beginning in 1915.

The teachers will learn about the literature and oral history as it’s related to the Armenian Genocide, said Jacqueline Perez, assistant superintendent of Glendale Unified.

“This has very strong implications for our community, and we definitely want to be the leader in ensuring our teachers are well prepared to deliver this instruction,” Perez said.

Beginning in 2013, Glendale school officials have given both students and teachers the day off on April 24, the date recognized around the world to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.

Earlier this year, Glendale school officials took a unanimous vote to designate April 24 on district calendars as “Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day.”

Armina Gharpetian, president of the Glendale Unified School Board, said the school district was the first in the country to both close school on April 24 and designate that day on the district’s calendars.

Now, it’s only fitting that the school district also take steps to provide training for teachers, she said.

“I think we should take the lead on this,” she said.

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