Armenia-US economic cooperation to continue during Trump administration

According to the minister counselor at the Armenian Embassy in the US, Armenia will continue economic cooperation with the US during the next US Administration.

Economic cooperation between Armenia and the United States will continue during the next US Administration, Minister Counselor at the Armenian Embassy in the United States Hrachia Tashchian told Sputnik.

“We do not see any reason that could stop or halt the economic cooperation between Armenia and the United States,” Tashchian said on the sidelines of the third annual “Doing Business With Eurasian Economic Union” Conference in Washington. Tashchian stressed that the United States was a key economic partner for Armenia. “US-Armenia Intergovernmental Joint Task Force is among the main tools fostering cooperation and discussion of a wide range of issues – from energy security to the technical assistance in implementing civil aviation and tax administration reforms”, Tashchian said.

Trade and Investment Framework Agreement – another important tool of cooperation – signed last year and tailored to help the parties identify areas conducive to the development of mutual trade and investments.

Tashchian noted that over the last two years there have been two major US investments in the energy and mining sectors of the Armenian economy. The diplomat also mentioned the large presence of US IT companies in Armenia. Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Armenian economy, and the Government strongly supports its further growth, Tashchian concluded.

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