Trump’s presidency and the Armenian issues





Donald Trump’s election as US President will have a positive impact on the situation in the Middle East, since the confrontation between Russia and the US will tend to weaken, expert of Turkish studies Ruben Safrastyan considers.

Speaking about the perspectives of development of American-Turkish relations, Safrastyan said “the close allied relations will be maintained, but the relationship will be void of extra sensitivity.”

What’s more important to Armenians is the perspective of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. “American Armenians face a tough task in this respect as they have not raised the issue during Trump’s candidacy,” political scientist Stepan Grigoryan says. According to him, this is the first time American Armenians get no promise, the first time they do not work in that direction.

“Trump, who has a reputation of an unpredictable man, may once recognize the Armenian Genocide in the same unexpected way,” Stepan Grigoryan says.

According to Ruben Safrastyan, for the first time American Armenians will have to deal with President, who has never been related to Armenians or the Armenian Cause, which is a challenge to both American Armenians and Armenia.

“Before the inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20, Armenians have to do their best to have Trump’s administration present him true information about Armenia-related issues,” Safrastyan says.

He notes that “Donald Trump has not given importance to the South Caucasus during his campaign, which means  he will approach the issues of the South Caucasus from the Russian perspective.”

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