President Sargsyan attends opening of the Yerevan fair trade center

Today President Serzh Sargsyan was present at the opening of the Yerevan fair trade center. The creation of the center was initiated by the SIL Concern Company. During the tour, the President was briefed by the officials of the Company on the works carried out at the first stage, investments, new jobs, and the upcoming development programs, particularly the works envisaged for the second stage.

It was noted that in January-June 2016, over 250 employees were engaged in the construction on a permanent basis with the average salary of 200.000 AMD. The segment of the fair constructed during the first stage of the works will allow to hire 550 employees with the average salary of 150.000 AMD.

According to the officials, investments at this stage came close to 2 billion 500 million AMD. After the second phase of construction works is completed, in summer of 2017 Yerevan will have a fair, which will occupy 430002 meters, with 850 pavilions for retail and wholesale trade, with all modern facilities. The fair will create over 1000 new jobs with the average salary of 150.000 AMD.

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