Armenia hosts conference of the World Jewellery Confederation

Today, at the Meridian exhibition center in Yerevan President Serzh Sargsyan was present at the Conference of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), which along with over 80 participants – representatives of the jewellery making and precious metal processing area from 25 countries of the world was also attended by the President of CIBJO Gaetano Cavalieri. The President of Armenia addressed the participants of the Conference.

Remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the Conference of the World Jewellery Confederation

Distinguished Mr. Cavalieri,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to greet you warmly and welcome to the Republic of Armenia. We are delighted to host a conference of the unique world parliament which regulates your area – the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). We attach great importance to the convening of the Conference in our country.

Armenia and Armenians spread all over the world have made a great contribution to the development of jewellery and stone processing and have obtained their constant place in the chronology of the industry. Successful works of the Armenian jewellers, their activities in different countries of the world gave a boost to the entire industry; they established jewellery production and jewellery stores in New York and Paris, Moscow and London, Constantinople and Beirut, Cairo and many other places. They have created brilliant jewellery pieces, thrones and crowns decorated with precious stones, lavishly adorned decorations and goblets.

Today in Armenia we are conducting consistent works aimed at the development of jewellery making and stone processing industry. We have proclaimed that area one of the priorities, a strategic area of our economy. It is also symbolic that for years now, in Armenia we celebrate the National Day of Jewellers; there is also a street in Yerevan named Jewellers’ Street which brings you here, to the Meridian jewellery economic zone. This was initiated by the one of the most enthusiastic individuals in your area, my advisor and the President of the World Association of the Armenian Jewellers Gagik Gevorkian.

Besides being a production complex, Meridian is a huge exhibition center which is hosting the Yerevan Show international jewellery exhibition for the sixth time. The last one was conducted under the auspices of the President of Armenia. It stressed the importance the state is attaching to the development of the jewellery industry, development and expansion of international cooperation in that area, of the mutually beneficial exchange of experience, new ideas, and establishment of professional and trade relations. The state will continue to encourage the activities in this zone.

We are glad that the Armenian Jewellers Association (AJA) has its active involvement and its worthy place in the multinational family of the jewellers.

Now, I would like to address the President of CIBJO.

Mr. Cavalieri,

We highly value your contribution to the organization, regulation, and development of the Industry. Your and the CIBJO’s efforts aimed at the dissemination and propagation of the traditions and outstanding achievements of the Armenian jewellers are commendable.

With this in mind, I have signed a decree on awarding you and now will execute that pleasant duty. I am hopeful that the activities of your organization in general and cooperation with the Armenian jewellers in particular will register new achievements in the visible future.

Dear Friends,

I wish efficient work to the Conference, great success to its participants, and new accomplishments to the CIBJO.

And now allow me to proceed with the award ceremony.

At the conclusion of his remarks, President Serzh Sargsyan awarded the President of the CIBJO Gaetano Cavalieri with the Medal of Gratitude for the activities of the World Jewellery Confederation in the Republic of Armenia, as well as for the proper presentation to the world of the Armenian jewellery and stone processing traditions.

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