Four Armenian cities join UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

Four Armenian cities – Sisian, Sevan, Dilijan and Gyumri – have joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).

More than 1,000 cities and communities around the world have become or are in the process of becoming learning/educating cities. These cities are keen to benefit from participating in international policy dialogue, action research, capacity building and peer learning, and to effectively use learning city approaches to promote lifelong learning for their citizens.

The overall aim of the GNLC is to create a global network to mobilize cities and demonstrate how a city’s resources can be used most effectively to provide learning opportunities to citizens. The goal is to enrich human potential, promote equality and social justice, maintain social cohesion, and create sustainable prosperity.

The GNLC is intended to help cities create a better future for their citizens and the planet by transforming themselves into learning cities.

The UNESCO GNLC offers members the opportunity to be acquainted with best practice and tools to advance lifelong learning in their communities. Members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities may also be motivated to aim for recognition for their actions by applying for the UNESCO Learning City Award. The next Awards will be conferred to cities that have shown exemplary progress in implementing the Key Features of Learning Cities in 2017.

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