CSTO activities aimed at ensuring peace through political means: Nikolay Bordyuzha





The activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) are aimed at ensuring the security of the member states, CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha said at the opening of the ArmHiTec-2016 international exhibition of Arms and Defense Technologies in Yerevan.

“The main efforts are targeted at ensuring security through political means, utilizing the whole political potential that exists in our countries. However, the logic and trends of the developments prove the need to reinforce the organization’s military potential,” Bordyuzha said.

“This is the reason behind the close cooperation between CSTO member states,” the Secretary General said. He added that bases have been created around the CSTO to ensure the sovereignty and integrity of the member states.

Nikolay Bordyuzha said the forces should be equipped with advances armaments to be able to resist any challenge. He added that the CSTO Council is doing its best to ensure military-political and military-economic cooperation between the member states.

The CSTO Secretary General said “the exhibition is a testament to the close cooperation between the member states and shows the potential for the creation of new military technologies,  establishemnt of joint ventures and renovation of the existing armaments.”

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