Serzh Sargsyan introduces newly appointed Chief of Presidential Administration to the staff

By today’s decree of President Serzh Sargsyan, Vigen Sargsyan was relieved of his duties as the Chief of the Presidential Administration and appointed the RA Minister of Defense. Edward Nalbandian was appointed the RA Minister of Foreign Affairs. By another decree of the President of Armenia, Armen Gevorkian was relieved of his duties as the Secretary of the National Security Council and appointed the Chief of the Presidential Staff. By the Presidential decrees Yuri Khatchaturov was relieved of his duties as the Chief of Staff of the RA Armed Forces and appointed the Secretary of the National Security Council. Movses Hakopian was relieved of his duties as the Deputy Minister of Defense and Head of the Logistics Department and appointed Chief of Staff of the RA Armed Forces.

Today, the President of Armenia introduced the newly appointed Chief of the Presidential staff Armen Gevorkian to the leading staff of the Presidential Administration and informed about Vigen Sargsyan’s new position. “I would like to thank Vigen Sargsyan for the works conducted at his already former position and would like to add sincerely that the managerial abilities of Vigen Sargsyan at this position were revealed at their best, and nobody will deny that the manifestation of the best abilities was made possible through your direct participation and assistance,” said President Sargsyan.

The President highly valued works carried out by Vigen Sargsyan in recent years related to the coordination of multiple events of the pan-Armenia import and expressed confidence that as Minister of Defense he will be able meet all expectations. “Vigen, I once again congratulate you and wish you success. No need to say that the advancement of our country will be also conditioned by your work as will certainly the further enforcement of our defensibility.” With regard to the appointment of the new Chief of Staff, the President of Armenia said that Armen Gevorkian at the new position, just as on the previous position, will undoubtedly display his strong-willed qualities. “Armen Gevorkian will be able to further amplify capabilities of the staff working here and of our country in general. Armen, my congratulations and wishes for success,” said the President of Armenia.

Vigen Sargsyan thanked the President of Armenia for the great trust invested in him in carrying out in the last five years for the organization and coordination of the works of the Presidential Staff. He noted that considerable work has been done in recent years together with the professional and dedicated staff of the Presidential Administration, which comprises one team.

“These years, we have been able to coordinate and regulate even some automated processes which are related to the works of the President of Armenia such as issues related to citizenship, staff management and issues related to the organization of foreign visits and receiving foreign delegations. By your decision Mr President, Armen Gevorkian will again be working at the Presidential Staff. During his previous tenure, foundations for the works that were carried out later were laid. Part of the staff remained at their places as it should be with the civil service. I believe this is a splendid display of how the guarantees presented by the civil service can be augmented by the political dedication at the staff which should be manifested by everyone present here. Even though there exist political appointees and a group of civil servants, we always worked as one team, for one goal,” said the former Chief of the Presidential Staff Vigen Sargsyan.

The newly appointed Chief of the Presidential Administration Armen Gevorkian also thanked the President for trust and assured that he was fully aware of the tasks before him, their importance and significance for the development of the country, its progress and stability because we are entering a rather important period of time. “Please be assured that I will do my best to hold high the role and place of this institute for everybody to feel it. With your permission, I would also like to assure Mr. Vigen Sargsyan that we will do our best so that at his new position he feels our support and assistance at the daily level. I would also like to thank my colleagues present here today for carrying out their duties for years at a rather high level and with high quality. I hope we will continue our work together, preserving all the good traditions. As you have noted, Mr. President, we will do our best to raise it one step more and to justify your trust. Thank you. I hope that all of us have a very interesting and efficient road to travel,” said the Chief of the Presidential Administration Armen Gevorkian.

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