Son of candidate to Gyumri Mayor’s Office dead, election campaign haled

All major political forces have halted the election campaign after the death of the son of a candidate running for Gyumri Mayor’s Office.

Arshak Grigoryna, the son of Vardevan Grigorian from Prosperous Armenia Party, was admitted to Gyumri Medical Center with a gunshot wound in the head at about 13:20 today.

The investigation has revealed that the young man was wounded as a result of gunshot in the basement of their house.

Criminal case has been launched under Articles 110.1 (Causing somebody to commit suicide or make an attempt at a suicide by indirect willfulness or by negligence, by means of threat, cruel treatment or regular humiliation of one’s dignity) and 235.1 (Illegal procurement, transportation, keeping or carrying of weapons, explosives or explosive devices, except smoothbore long-barrel hunting guns, ammunition) of the Criminal Code.

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