NKR President congratulates South Ossetia on Independence Day

On 20 September Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory letter to President of the South Ossetian Republic Leonid Tibilov in connection with the Independence day.

The letter runs as follows:

“Respectful Mr. Tibilov,

On behalf of the people and authorities of the Artsakh Republic and personally myself I extend my cordial congratulations to You and the whole people of South Ossetia on the 26th anniversary of the Independence.

South Ossetia is a fraternal state for us with whom we have much in common in history, culture and national traditions.

Your friendship is highly appreciated in Artsakh.

During the formation of its independent statehood South Ossetia has passed a difficult and glorious way demonstrating a true example of endurance and heroism.

I once again congratulate You, Your Excellency, and the whole people of South Ossetia on this great holiday. Peace, prosperity and further successes to the fraternal South Ossetia”.

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