Olympic medal winners honored in Yerevan – Photos

Today, at the A. Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the award event dedicated to the medal winners of the 31st Olympic Games and their trainers. The President of Armenia handed to the medal winners high state awards, congratulated them on a successful performance at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and expressed gratitude for holding high the honor and the flag of our country at the greatest global sporting event.

“I am very glad that after a twenty-year interval a gold medal has been again brought to Armenia. I am confident that not only we but also the rivals of Arthur Alexanian saw an athlete who excelled them and not only his rivals but also the referees and all fans. Thank you, Arthur. In Rio de Janeiro we’ve witnessed how medals were won, but we’ve also witnessed a great potential which means that during next Olympic Games we will have a greater success. It is very important that along with our traditional sports such as wrestling and weightlifting, we’ve seen the opportunities for achieving very impressive results, for instance, in gymnastics. It is very important. Besides medals, we’ve also seen unfortunate incidents, and certainly injustice. But as you know the world in general and the sport world in particular are not void of injustice. The only way to fight injustice is hard work, resolve and confidence that we will be successful in future competitions. And I am confident that not only during the forthcoming European and World Championships, Mihran will be able to achieve success. I am confident that in Tokyo Mihran will become a champion; the important thing is to go on and show everyone that you possess great willpower.

I will not call out our Olympians name by name, because the audience here and the majority of our public know their names by heart. I want to once again thank you all. I want to express gratitude to Armenia’s Olympic Committee headed by Gagik Tsarukian. I want to thank the heads of all our sport federations and the trainers. I express thanks to all those who support sports, who provide their own private resources to our athletes to train normally and to have a dignified living. I am confident that the support will increase. I would like to thank particularly the parents of our athletes, their siblings, acknowledge the environment which gave birth and raised heroes. Our sportsmen are heroes indeed, and we will move on like that. We will move forward for the glory of the Republic of Armenia. Thank you, well done,” said the President of Armenia.

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