Armenian medal stolen from prominent Spokane doctor

KREM – A well-known Spokane doctors has been helping patients for more than 40 years but now he need your help.

Hrair Garabedian is trying to track down family heirlooms recently stolen by a burglar. Among the items taken was a medal personally given to him by the President of Armenia for his volunteer work in the country.

Garabedian said it happened back on August 23. In a matter of moments, he said they made off with jewelry, family heirlooms and a medal only owned by a few people on earth.

“They fill up everything in the pillow case and take off,” he explained.

Garabedian has been a doctor in Spokane for 45 years. He is a congenital heart specialist at Providence Sacred Heart and has also served as a pediatric heart specialist. Over the years he figures he’s treated roughly 60,000 to 70,000 patients. He also volunteers lot of his time, and medical expertise to Armenia. In 2012, the Armenian President recognized Garabedian for his efforts with a medal. A medal only given to one person each year.

“It means so much to me. Some of them, like the medal is just made of bronze, it’s not worth anything, but it’s worth a lot to me,” Garabedian said.

Police arrested the suspected burglar,Reuben Miller. Court documents show Miller he gave an ex-girlfriend two rings that he stole from the house and she told police. Officers were able to recover some jewelry from a Pawn Shop, but Garabedian said thousands of dollars’ worth of Armenian jewelry are still missing. Now, he is asking for help tracking some of it down.

Garabedian was very complementary of Spokane Police and their efforts in this case. He is just hoping that if someone comes across his medal or some of the jewelry, that they will come forward. If you know anything that can help, you’re urged to contact Spokane Police.

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