Syria: The green light lit before Turkey a headache for superpowers





Turkey’s military actions in the north of Iraq continue. Armenian experts say the actions will be long-term and the result is hard to predict.

“There is an impression that everyone is playing with everyone, and everyone is playing against everyone,” expert of Turkish studies Levon Hovsepyan told a press conference today.

The power centers have lit a green light before Turkey, but have imposed certain restrictions. Meanwhile, Turkey is violating the restrictions, which may force the green light work against Turkey itself.

Levon Hovsepyan is confident Turkey has certain agreements with the power centers, namely Russia and the United States. He rules out that Turkey could have launched military actions without those agreements.

According to him, the green light may become a headache for those who have lit it.

“Turkey has actually created the security zone in Syria, which the US stands against, and which Russia is not interested in. However, it’s in Russia’s interest that the relations between the US and Turkey will continue to aggravate in that context,” Hovsepyan said.

Expert of Arabic studies Sargis Grigoryan shares the opinion. “Turkey made its presence in Syria more substantial. Now Ankara is represented there with its own forces, which gives it wide opportunities,” he said.

Experts say it’s hard to predict the developments, as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. They say, however, that one thing is clear – Turkey has entered a game, which is hard to withdraw from. It won’t be easy for the power centers, either, especially with regard to restraining Turkey, since the latter’s military presence in Syria is already a fact, and Ankara will strive to further expand this.

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