Exhibition hall opens at Zvartnots Airport

A contemporary art exhibition hall opened at “Zvartnots” International Airport of Yerevan today. The exhibition opened at the airport departures hall will not only make the passengers’ journeys more interesting, but can also be a serious support for contemporary Armenian artists.

ArtAm at the airport’s departures hall is an artistic space aimed at dissemination and development of the Armenian culture and artists. Located at Zvartnots International Airport, its aim is to bring the Armenian culture closer to the community by making art and cultural heritage an active element of cognition and delight for its visitors.

By creating this artistic space to serve the society, Zvartnots International Airport expresses its commitment to the development of the Armenian culture.

The first collection of twenty-five paintings to be staged at ArtAm is authored by Hasmik Avetisyan.

The exhibitions will be changed every month, thus letting each painting to be displayed for a month in a place, where a vast number of people pass through.

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