The Gebeshian: Element named after Armenian gymnast

The Gebeshian- an element performed by Armenian gymnast Houry Gebeshian on uneven bars at Rio Olympics – has been named after her.

The element represents a hecht mount with a 360 degree turn with repulsion off the low bar to the high bar.

In Rio, Gebeshian became the first female gymnast to represent Armenia at an Olympic Games.

In Rio in August, the FIG Technical Committees approved four new elements — two in Men’s and two in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics — to be named for the gymnasts who performed them. All four elements were successfully performed during the 2016 Olympic Games and will be published in their respective Code of Points.

It is a way of achieving immortality in Gymnastics: the gymnast who has an original skill named after them in the Code of Points assures that his or her name will live on in the sport, years after they have taken their final bows on the international stage.

The Gebeshian

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