Armenian emoji app launched

Asbarez –  A Southern California App Developing company, ZaRRian Corp, has launched an emoji app much to the delight of the Armenian community around the world.

ARMOJI is an emoji keyboard that celebrates the rich Armenian culture and adds color, culture and laughter to text messages. The app features 170 fascinating emoji’s that play on Armenian stereotypes and culture that makes texting more fun. But that’s not all. The developers are currently working on more emojis that will be released soon.

Although ZaRRian Corp developed the app, ARMOJI is the brainchild of Angineh Nazarian – head of the team- and an Armenian-American who has lived in California as part of the Armenian community for most of her life.

When asked about how the idea came about for the app, Angineh said “It really came down to a simple phrase. I constantly found myself saying:  ‘I wish we had an emoji for so and so.’ And I’m sure this is something that many people have expressed! For me, this phrase finally turned into a declaration. After discussing it with other Armenians in the community I realized it wasn’t just me; we all needed an Armenian version of emojis, hence ARMOJI!”

Many users are already enjoying the Armenian Emoji app. One user of the app said “I love this app! Being Armenian I feel it’s the best way I can express myself! I can’t believe it took this long for us Armenians to get an app like this! Great added bonus is that the app runs very smoothly and it’s super easy to use!”

ARMOJI is only available on the App store for a download price of $1.99. However, plans are afoot to release the Android version in the near future. For further information, about the app, click here.

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