“Nubar” Ensemble to represent Armenia at Euroradio and Viljandi Folk Festivals

Armenia will  take part in the 37th Euroradio and 24th Viljandi Folk Festivals later this month.

From 28 to 31 July, the 37th Euroradio Folk Festival (EFF) will be held in Estonia, in conjunction with the 24th Viljandi Folk Festival, where some 50 artists/bands will perform (Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland). Of that total, the EFF is represented by 27 groups entered by 21 EBU Members and Associates and selected by Estonian Public Broadcasting to be recorded and offered to EBU Members and Associates as part of the Euroradio concert exchange.

In a ceremony broadcast live by EBU Members Estonian Television and Estonian Radio, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, will deliver the opening remarks at the 37th Euroradio Folk Festival (EFF), to be held from 28 to 31 July. Taking place in Estonia for the first time ever, this annual EBU event, launched in 1980, will be held in conjunction with the 24th Viljandi Folk Festival, presenting the best of folk and traditional music from Europe and well beyond.

Other featured speakers at the opening ceremony will include the CEO of Estonian Public Broadcasting, Margus Allikmaa, and the Euroradio Head of Music, Pascale Labrie.

Kanteles, fiddles, accordions, balalaikas, throat singing, yodeling: these and many more can be heard at the annual Euroradio Folk Festival, where bands and artists redefine the frontiers of folk music through their ethno, jazz, traditional and crossover projects. More than a mere festival, this event is a platform presenting the incredible diversity of musical genres and sounds of all lifestyles in European folk music. It aims to preserve the unique tradition of local and regional roots, while being open to the latest trends, migrations and encounters. It reflects the lives of Europeans in all their richness: who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Since it was launched in 1980, the Euroradio Folk Festival has been an unprecedented opportunity for over 2,000 vocal and instrumental musicians to present the multitude of traditions in Europe, but also other continents, and connect with one another. Thanks to the Euroradio network concert exchanges, many artists have become known far beyond their borders.
The theme of this year’s Viljandi Folk Music Festival is devoted to one of the most beautiful and expressive natural sound in the world – the woman’s voice. But why women, one might ask. Does that not hint at inequality and discrimination? Older Estonian folk songs have always been strongly influenced by the gender binary. You can usually identify whether the songs were sung by women or men based on the themes and motifs. These themes are still relevant today because these songs were sung straight from the hearts of our ancestors and we are able to listen to them today thanks to archival records and notes. This year, we are concentrating on what out female ancestors used to sing.

This year the folk festival will welcome around 150 journalists from all over the world.

On the kind invitation of Estonian Traditional Music Centre and EBU, Public Radio of Armenia will also take part in the 37th Euroradio and 24th Viljandi Folk Festivals. Armenia and Public Radio of Armenia will be represented by “Nubar” Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. The oncert will take place on July 30, at 20:00 at Traditional Music Center, Viljandi, Estonia.
Watch the live gala show on July 28, 2016 at 19:00 (GMT) on the official website of Public Radio of Armenia (

Armenian Traditional, Folk Dance-Song Ensemble “Nubar” is a unique Armenian ensemble that is revealing the already forgotten folk songs giving them a new sound and a new soul. “Nubar” is preserving and disseminating the Armenian folk traditions, songs and dances revealing the specifications of Armenian traditional music. From time to time the ensemble organizes outdoor master classes for public attendance teaching the passers-bye the art of Armenian singing and dancing.

The main goal of “Nubar” is to preserve the heritage of our ancestors and pass it from generations to generations. From this point of view that is symbolic that all the members of the Ensemble are young enthusiastic people who are willing to be well aware of their roots and save their identity.

“Nubar” was founded in 2006 in Yerevan, Armenia. Lusine Nazaryan is the founder and artistic director of the Ensemble. This year the Ensemble is celebrating its 10th jubilee anniversary. The band has recorded 2 CDs with folk and ethnographical songs of different regions of Armenian. It has an outstanding repertoire and gives year-round concerts in Yerevan, Armenian regions, Artsakh, Georgia, as well as participates in various festivals both in Armenia and abroad. The Ensemble is always invited to have a participation in the local traditional events, fests and concerts, among these are the annual “Gutan” national song and dance festival, Dvin Festival for Armenian-Iranian friendship, Fresco International Festival of Cinematography, “Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace” annual international festival, etc. Up to now the Ensemble has given concerts in all the 10 administrative divisions – regions of Armenia and in the capital Yerevan. The Ensemble is actively involved in the activities of Armenian Public TV and Radio, including the New Year events, music programs, charity concerts, etc.

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