Standoff at Armenian Police station: Hostages to be released if conditions are met

Members of the “Sasna Tsrer” (Daredevils of Sasoun), who ceased the premises of an Armenian police station early on Sunday have said they will release the hostages.

Member of the group, Press Secretary of the Founding Parliament Varuzhan Avetisyan told GALA that they held a meeting with Georgy Kutoyan, Chief of the National Security Service, with the mediation of Artsakh Hero Vitaly Balasanyan. They made a decision to release the hostages on condition that a press point is created.

“After additional discussions late in the evening we decided to release the two young policemen before the press point is established, as an addition expression of goodwill. We are now doing that in the presence of Mr. Balasanyan,”Avetisyan said.

They pledged to release two other hostage – a General and a Colonel – at the moment the press point is opened.

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