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The Walk of Fame was opened in front of the Public Radio building today. The alley features the names of the devotees, who have contributed to the establishment and development of Armenian TV and Radio.

Plates with the names of Ohan Duryan, Ofelya Hambardzumyan, Vera Hakobyan, Tigran Naghdalyan, Robert Mavisakalyan, John Kirakosyan, Vache Hovsepyan , Hovhannes Badalyan, Grigor Chalikyan, Zhirayr Avetisyan, Atrmen aAmiryan, Klara Terzyan and other were solemnly opened today.

Ruben Jaghinyan, President of the Council of Public TV and Radio Company and the initiator of the event, assured that the tradition would continue and the names of other devotees would find their place in the Walk of Fame.

“Armenian radio and TV have developed thanks to those people. They serve an example to the younger generation and all those working in the sphere,” Ruben Jaghinyan said in his opening remarks.

“These people have created the 90 and 60 years of history of Armenian radio and television with their devotion. For those, who’re alive it’s a great responsibility,” said Armen Amiryan, Member of the Council of Public TV and Radio Company and a long-time director of the Public Radio of Armenia.

“I’m deeply confident that under the current conditions of development of TV and radio, it’s important to build upon the old traditions.  These plaques are the cuneiform tablets that shape the solid basis, which the future of Armenian television and radio will be built upon,” he added.

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