Armenia police station attack: Two hostages released

One policeman and the ambulance driver have been released from police premises in Yerevan, where gunmen still hold several hostages, the National Security Service (NSS) reports.

The armed group refuses to release the rest of the hostages, including high-ranking police officers, to lay down arms and surrender to the authorities. The life and health of the people illegally held hostage is still endangered, the NSS said.

“The terrorists, who have already committed sever crimes and possess a large quantity of weapons and ammunition pose an apparent threat not only to the hostages, but also the society, as a whole,” the statement reads.

The law-enforcement bodies of Armenia take all possible measures to settle the situation peacefully, but this may turn insufficient under the current conditions.

The National Security Service reiterates its call to the members of the armed group to refrain from actions that could lead to new victims and grave consequences and to stop the armed resistance. “There is still time and possibility for this,” NSS said in a statement.

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