U.S.air operations halted at Turkey’s Incirlik air base

Political instability in Turkey, a NATO member and critical U.S. partner in the fight against terrorism, is already threatening to have an impact on the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State in Syriaand Iraq, USA Today reports.

On Saturday, one day after a coup attempt, Turkey closed airspace to military aircraft around Incirlik Air Base, forcing the U.S. to halt air operations at the base, the Pentagon said.  Incirlik is the base Turkey lets the U.S. use to launch anti-ISIL missions.

Commercial power to the base had also been cut off, but the U.S. was using an internal power source.

“U.S. officials are working with the Turks to resume air operations there as soon as possible,” Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said. “In the meantime, U.S. Central Command is adjusting flight operations in the counter-ISIL campaign to minimize any effects on the campaign. U.S. facilities at Incirlik are operating on internal power sources, and a loss of commercial power to the base has not affected base operations.”

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