Jacqueline Bisset in Armenia as a special guest of Golden Apricot Film Festival





French actress Jacqueline Bisset has arrived in Armenia as a special guest of the 13th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival. The actress will receive the Parajanov’s Thaler award during the closing ceremony.

Speaking to reporters today, Bisset she said she hopes to travel around Armenia and get acquainted with Armenian architecture. “I don’t know where to strat,” she said.

“Speaking about impressions from Armenia is still untimely, but I can say I live in a wonderful hotel, and the food is very tasty,” she said.

“I know your nation has seen many difficulties, but I understood yesterday that you like to have fun,” she added. The actress said she danced to Armenian music until 2 a.m. “because that music is irresistible.”

Upon her return to the hotel, Jacqueline Bisset decided to iron her clothes, and asked for a stream iron. The hotel turned out not to have one. It was not before 5 a.m. that they found one. “Many do not believe I can do such things, but that’s the way I live,” she told reporters in Yerevan

“When I left school, I didn’t know what to do. I was interested in people and their psychology. At the time I was trying hard to overcome timidity. I was studying languages, I was the only girl in my class interested in classical music and crazy for art. I was thinking of a profession that would allow to combine all this,” Bisset said.

The meeting with Roman Polansky turned fatal for Jacqueline Bisset. The director approached the unknown beauty at a party and said she had a very deep look. “I started watching many films after that and understood that cinema was a different world. The most important in my profession is the communication with people.”

Is it possible to be happy without marriage and children? The question did not stun the actress. “Definitely,” she said and added that “happiness and marriage are no synonyms.”

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