The important messages of Armenian President’s speech at NATO





Armenian President’s speech at NATO summit included three important messages, Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly, Spokesman for the Republic Party of Armenia Edward Sharmazanov told reporters today.

First, he said, the President stressed that “Armenia and Artsakh stand for the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

According to Sharmazanov, another important point was the statement that “NATO is not the platform for the discussion of the Karabakh issue.” The President deemed the attempts to move the consideration of the issue to other platforms inappropriate and contradicting to the statements of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairing countries.

The third message was the importance of unconditional implementation of the agreements reached in Vienna and St. Petersburg, Sharmazanov said.

According to him, the reference to the status quo was also essential. “The status quo will change when the people of Nagorno Karabakh receive the opportunity to exercise their right of self-determination,” President Sargsyan stated in Warsaw.

“This means, it’s necessary to eliminate the reasons of the conflict, not the consequences. President Sargsyan made it clear in Warsaw that the primary issue is that of Artsakh’s status and the realization of the people’s right to self-determination, not the territories or refugees,” Edward Sharmazanov said.

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