Life-sized Noah’s Ark opens in Kentucky

Photo: WHAS


The Ark Encounter, a life-sized version of Noah’s Ark opens in Kentucky today, according to WHAS-TV. 

The project has been the focus of controversy and the use of Kentucky tax breaks offered to the developers of the park just south of Cincinnati.

Researchers spent more than $100 million to make the project a reality and those who made contributions were also on hand for Tuesday’s ribbon cutting.

Ken Ham, CEO of Ark Encounter, responded to critics who were highly critical of the project due to its Christian roots.

“It’s a group of secularists singling this out and they’re all sorts of misconceptions [and] misinformation. This is so major – it is going to have a major impact because we are Christians and we are going to get the Christian message out and that’s what it’s all about – it’s prejudice against the Christian message,” he said.

Ham says he expects 2 million visitors in its first year.

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