Armenia-based startup launches replica of Alexis Ohanian using artificial intelligence

PRNewswire – Thanks to his business acumen, poster boy looks, and relentless activism for freedom of the internet, Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian has become one of the most high-profile residents ofBrooklyn.

A startup based in Armenia and San Francisco named 1AI Solutions has recently launched a working AI-based version of Alexis Ohanian named Avedis Ohanian.

1AI Solutions studied five years of Alexis Ohanian’s cognitive processes to accurately reproduce his decision-making process and speech habits. Additionally they used 3-D printing to replicate the body of Alexis Ohanian, infusing it with their proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine.

The reason? Pure necessity.

“There’s a lack of qualified IT professionals here in Armenia“, said Dr. J.P. Hagopian, the CEO of 1AI Solutions. “We need to hire people, but we simply can’t find enough good candidates. At some point our HR manager said that we should clone one of the high-performing Silicon Valley guys. She was kidding, but the idea stuck.”

When Dr. Hagopian decided to focus his team’s efforts on developing an Artificial Intelligence program that could mirror Alexis Ohanian’s cognitive processes, things got serious.  Through a combination of algorithmic neuroscience, stand alone software and computer aided design, 1Ai-solutions will mass produce the future IT professionals of the world.

“Ohanian is very vocal about a number of issues”, said Dr. Hagopian. “It made things easier for us: we were able to aggregate data from his time at Reddit, his investments, his Ted Talks and social media profile to get a better idea of how he thinks, and how his ideas shape the way he acts.”

Avedis 1.0 has been performing better than expected in early Turing tests.  The team led by Dr. Hagopian is confident that future versions will have full cognitive abilities and natural language capabilities.

To see Avedis Ohanian in action, visit the 1AI Solutions website.

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