Pope Francis: In Azerbaijan I’ll speak of the truth I have seen in Armenia

“I will speak to the Azerbaijanis of the truth of what I have seen, of what I have felt and I will also encourage them,” Pope Francis said, referring to his upcoming trip to Azerbaijan.

“I met the Azerbaijani president and I spoke with him… I’ll tell you also that not making peace for a little piece of land, because it’s not a big deal, means something dark, no? But I say this to all the Armenians and the Azerbaijanis… Possibly, they can’t agree on the ways of making peace, and on this they need to work. But I don’t know what else to say… I will say what at the moment comes to my heart, but always positively trying to find solutions that are viable, that move ahead,” the Pope told reporters.

Pope Francis gave a press conference to the ournalists aboard the papal plane. He reflected on his three-day trip to Armenia, his upcoming trips to Azerbaijan and Poland, the role of the Pope emeritus, Christian unity, and the reformation.

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