President Sargsyan receives Chairman of the National Bank of Argentina

President Serzh Sargsyan received today the President of the National Bank of Argentina Carlos Melconian.

The President welcomed the guest to our country and using the opportunity once again congratulated him on his appointment as President of the National Bank of Argentina. President Sargsyan wished Carlos Melconian all the best on that responsible position. The President of Armenia noted that in Armenia we always respond with joy and pride to the achievements of our compatriots residing abroad because their accomplishments bring honor and good reputation to the entire nation, promoting and deepening also our bilateral relations. According to the President, in the strengthening of the Armenian-Argentine high level relations the role of prominent representatives of the Armenian community is significant and among them the input of the famous businessman Eduardo Ernekian. Serzh Sargsyan expressed hope that the visit of the President of the National Bank of Argentina will contribute to the establishment of a close cooperation between the banking systems of Armenia and Argentina.

The interlocutors stressed the importance of such visits which, according to the parties, give a new impetus to the bilateral relations and provide a good opportunity to discuss various issues pertinent to the interstate cooperation.

Carlos Melconian conveyed to the President of Armenia warm greetings from the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and his great desire and readiness to deepen and strengthen the Armenian-Argentine relations.

At the meeting, the President hailed the significant contribution of the people and authorities of Argentina to the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide.

In the context of the bilateral cooperation, the President of Armenia and President of National Bank of Argentina stressed the importance of expanding and enhancing the bilateral trade and economic ties. They concurred that towards that end the National Bank of Argentina can play a considerable role.

Carlos Melconian noted that the visit to Armenia was important for him not only from the professional and ceremonial points of view, but also emotionally since he was visiting the land of his ancestors who at the beginning of the previous century as a result of the Armenian Genocide had been forced to find refuge in the distant Argentina. The President of the National Bank of Argentina spoke with pride about the Armenians residing in Argentina who, according to Carlos Melconian, enjoy great respect and influence in the Argentine society.

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