Consumer rights NGOs sue organizers of Eros Ramazotti’s concert in Yerevan





Famous Italian singer and songwriter Eros Ramazotti’s concert in Yerevan was cancelled, but the money for tickets has not been returned yet. The Informed and Protected Consumer NGO has filed a suit against the organizers of the concert, President of the NGO Babken Pipoyan told reporters today. He calledon all citizens, who have bought tickets, but hav not got their money back to join the struggle.

Ramazotti’s concert was scheduled for April 2t w6, buas cancelled because the Russian organizers failed to meet their responsibilities. The Forpostart Production was the company responsible for the sale of tickets and organization of the concert in Armenia.

The Company had promised to reimburse the ticket priced between May 26 and June 26, but the money has not been returned three days before the deadline.

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