Armenian Pilgrims in Rome: New book dedicated to Pope’s visit to Armenia

Armenian pilgrims in RomeThe presentation of the English-language book titled “Armenian Pilgrims in Rome” by Vardan Devrikyan will be held in Yerevan on June 21.

The book was published by the “Scientific bridges” NGO under a competition announced by the Armenian Youth Fund is dedicated to the Pope’s visit to Armenia.

During a visit to any country, the Pope is usually accompanied by a number of clergymen, journalists and pilgrims. The historical-cultural links between the Roman Church of the country and the Holy See are usually being stressed. The book presents all this based on historic sources.

The book will introduce foreign readers and media on the links between Armenian and the holy sites in Rome and the Roman Church.  it emphasizes the idea that despite tragic times, the Armenian nation has always been part of the European society and value system.

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