8th annual BarCamp Yerevan to bring together more than 2000 IT specialists

BarCamp Yerevan, Armenia’s favorite (un)conference will bring together more than 2000 IT and Media specialists on June 18-19.

The informal conference will be held for the 8th time and once again will give participants an opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experience. BarCamp Yerevan 2016 will again feature in depth workshops and a job fare for IT specialists.

As always BarCamp Yerevan will host international guests: Daniil Shyleiko, Marketing director of Yandex Taxi; Andrey Frolchenkov, SMM specialist; Eric Barret, the Executive Director of Jumpstart Media Company and Joanna Bronowicka, the Executive Director of Centre for Internet & Human Rights.

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). Those are open, participatory workshop-events with the participant-provided content. BarCamp Yerevan is made possible by volunteer effort. The organizing team are Armenian IT and Media specialists. The annual BarCamp Yerevan events have been held in Armenia since 2009. The first BarCamp Yerevan had from 200 to 300 participants, whereas 7 years later the number of participants exceeded 2000.

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