Bundestag’s recognition of Armenia Genocide a serious blow to Turkey’s policy of denial





The recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the German Bundestag was a serious psychological and moral blow to the Turkish side, a blow to its policy of denial, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute (AGMI) Hayk Demoyan told reporters today.

“Turkey had a small field for maneuvering in its policy of denial before this decision,” Demoyan said, adding that almost nothing is left of that policy today.

According to him, the importance of the vote further grows, considering that Germany is a key country in the European Union, the locomotive of the EU. “Turkey is well aware that this recognition will lead to many others,” he said.

Hayk Demoyan said there is certainly a political pretext behind the decision, a restraining message to Turkey from the German side.

What will this recognition give us? “We understand that adoption of such resolutions never leads to concrete legal consequences, but this is serious and weighty step towards creation of a legal package,” AGMI Director said.

“Such recognition will logically lead to new inquiries and research on where the Armenian property has gone,” Hayk Demoyan said. He believes results in that direction are possible, if correct archive materials are revealed and presented with a view of pursuing a legal and financial reimbursement.

As for UK’s failure to recognize the Armenian Genocide, the AGMI Director said: “Great Britain does not recognize the Armenian Genocide not because of fearing to spoil relationship with Turkey, but because of close partnership with Azerbaijan.”

“United Kingdom’s recognition of the Armenian genocide would be very important to us, but we have to remember that it does not stem  from  UK’s  business goals,”  he added.

“The history of the UK is rich in examples of humanism. Our museum is preparing a special exhibition of exclusive items from the archives. We want to introduce them to the British people and awaken their memory,” Hayk Demoyan said.

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