Armen Gevorgyan appointed Secretary of the National Security Council

Armen Gevorgyan has been appointed Secretary of the National Security Council of Armenia, President’s Press Office reports.

President Serzh Sargsyan introduced the newly appointed Secretary to the staff of the Council.

“Armen Gevorkian possesses adequate experience to carry out properly complex duties of the Secretary of the RA National Security Council. I know him for almost twenty years, we worked together, and throughout these years I don’t recall a single instance when he would have a problem in the execution of his duties. In the process, he also contributed to the works of the NSC and was involved in the issues that had a direct relation to the NSC area of responsibility. I have no doubt that in a short period of time with your assistance he will be able to demonstrate to our society and our state that the National Security Council is an important link in our state governance structure. You are all well aware that the RA NSC is a consultative body, however every important issue is discussed in the Council and later decisions are adopted based on these discussions,” said President Serzh Sargsyan.

Armen Gevorkian thanked the President of Armenia for trust and noted that this was another opportunity for him to work in the government structure. “I am confident that through our joint effort we will indeed be able to deliver on all expectations related to this structure,” said the newly appointed Secretary of the RA National Security Agency Armen Gevorkian. He mentioned that he has already had a chance to meet with some of his colleagues and is confident that the Council is an able body. Armen Gevorkian assured that together with the colleagues he would do his best to perform tasks set before the NSC diligently and proficiently.

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