ISIS style beheadings and torture: Armenian Deputy FM presents Azeri atrocities in Berlin

Armenia was the first to condemn the crimes against the Yazidis in Iraq and Armenians in Deir Zor and Kessab committed by the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front, Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ashot Hovakimyan said at an anti-terror conference on “Preventing Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization” in Berlin.

According to him, it’s necessary to pay greater attention to the prevention of crimes committed on the basis of hatred, since they immediately link violent radicalism to terrorism.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said ‘the existing conflicts create a fertile soil for violent extremism, especially when the state authorities use the conflicts to restrict human rights and seed hatred towards conflicting parties.

“Unfortunately, the recent developments in our region come to prove the concerns of the Armenian side. Following the example of Ramil Safarov and Islamic State, the Azerbaijani armed forces were beheading and torturing not only servicemen, but also civilians, including elderly people and women. The perpetrators of these crimes not only escaped criticism, but were also awarded by Azerbaijani President,” Ashot Hovakimyan said.

The Deputy FM stressed that any attempt on the part of states to make radicalism and terrorism serve their goals should be strongly condemned.

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